Have your coupe converted to a fastback!

Here is what you get using new Dynacorn parts. :

Complete Door Frame Assembly

Fastback roof

Roof brace

Full fastback quarter panels

Tail light panel

Filler panel

Fastback trunk lid

On the inside we make these parts:

All interior rear brackets so your panels can be installed.

Trap door housing. Trap door not included

All brackets for you to install your rear seat.

Side inner structure for stronger body supports.

All parts are welded in better than factory. The areas are then epoxy primmer painted. The body will not bemedia blasted like the refurbished

conversions. No bondo or lead filler  used unless you pay for this option. See pictures on how the exterior panels look. These are assembled like the factory.


 Rear quarter extensions (end caps) $160 Installed

Rear valance ( standard or gt with exhaust holes) $160 installed

Lead and bondo fill 6 areas where the

quarter panels meets the roof and also the windshield pillars. $800


All wiring from the dash back.

The front and rear glass including stainless molding

The rear tail lights and trunk. Leave the hinges on.

Remove all seats and carpeting.

Remove headliner and all side interior panels.

It is up to you to remove dash and components. Welding

may cause damage to interior parts and exterior paint.

Not responsible for any damage!

1965-1966 Mustang Fastback $16,700 Or have your coupe converted for $13,200




The Mustang Fastback  shells are the perfect beginning to build a restomod, Eleanor Style or GT-500 Clone project. The shells start as a Mustang Coupe. The car is completely disassembled! All rusted and damaged parts are removed and up to 70% of the stock body panels are replaced with Dynacorn reproduction sheet metal. The shell is then put on a rotisserie and media blasted. Dynacorn doors, door hinges, roof, full fastback quarter panels, trunk lid and new style spring loaded trunk hinges are professionally installed to convert the coupe into a fastback! Custom made inner structure panels are installed which have been engineered for superior strength and rigidity so there is less body flex. There are also two roof supports installed for additional support. This is something Ford Motor Company should have done from the beginning!  All of the factory fold down seat brackets, trap door housing and interior panel brackets are installed for a stock fastback interior. Once construction is complete the shell is epoxy coated inside and out. This insures a rust free life for your vehicle. There are over a 100 conversions that have been completed. With this history,experience and quality you will receive the best fastback conversion available in today's market!

The conversions are built with such integrity and quality that from the exterior of the car you can not tell it was once a coupe! Sold worldwide. The factory fastbacks have become so rare and expensive that this is the best solution at absolutely the most reasonable price.  Limited time only at this price!

* Shells come with a Mustang VIN number and Clean Title

* Shells are completely media blasted and epoxy coated.

* Brand New doors and deck lid are installed

*New Roof and new full quarter panels!

* OPTIONAL FRONT  Torque boxes! Ford never did this in 65 or 66

* The Most affordable shell on the market!

* Available years 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968

*No rust or damage anywhere!

*No bondo or filler on the body shell unless you order it.

*Roller assembly is $650 extra. (so body will roll around)

1965- 1968 cars can be built.  Price may change at any time!

                Options available:

Hood-front and rear valance-fenders optional

Custom Steel fender flares additional $4200 installed.

Complete build available with your options.

Custom paint. Custom suspension.

Glass and interior available.

All parts available to complete the car!