1967-1968 Mustang Eleanor Style


This has the complete Eleanor style  kit professionally installed.


All metal body panels through out the car are in great shape. No rust issues. 

Install your own motor and transmission and custom interior. Car will need to be finished with glass, wire harness, interior , suspension, brake system and when your done your car will have all new parts.

The body has a new roof, new quarters, new trunk lid, all new brackets for installation of interior panels and  extra interior body supports that Ford did not use.

The body is 75-80% paint ready and the quality of the coupe to fastback Eleanor conversion makes this car a deal  at $34,900.  If you would like a more complete car, call us!

We also offer a right hand drive. Call for price!

Mustangs ,Shelby, BULLITT and Eleanor's Built To Order !

Desert Classic Mustangs custom builds, restores and modifies 1965-1970 Mustangs. All types of performance and handling options are available. We use your Mustang or one of our factory fastbacks,  coupe to fastback conversions or a Dynacorn body to build what ever you want!

Dynacorn bodies are available is you want a Mustang that is all new. Comes with paperwork and vin so it can be titled!

If you have a Mustang you want changed, restored, converted we can have it picked up and brought to us!

Desert Classic Mustang is the only US Mustang builder using a steering rack that is designed,engineered approved, tested and installed in over 4000 cars! AND  IS NOT MADE IN THE US! 

We can build you a body shell that can handle 500+ horsepower with our added modified panels we install. Ford built the Mustangs and they were never designed to handle more than 400 hp and now 50 years later we see stress in the body. Most car builders do very little to support the high torque and horse power they put in the cars. They build them for looks and later you pay the price.