Have your coupe converted to a fastback!

Here is what you get using new Dynacorn parts. :

Complete Door Frame Assembly

Fastback roof

Roof brace

Full fastback quarter panels

Tail light panel

Filler panel

Trap door housing. Trap door not included

Fastback trunk lid  with new hinges.

On the inside we make these parts:

All interior rear brackets so your panels can be installed.

All brackets for you to install your rear seat.

Side inner structure for stronger body supports.

All parts are welded in better than factory. The areas are then epoxy primmer painted. The body will not bemedia blasted like the refurbished conversions. No bondo or lead filler used unless you pay for this option. See pictures on how the exterior panels look. These are assembled like the factory.


Rear quarter extensions (end caps) $160 Installed

Rear valance ( standard or gt with exhaust holes) $160 installed

Lead and bondo fill 4 areas where the quarter panels meets the roof and also the windshield pillars. $800


All wiring from the dash back.

The front and rear glass including stainless molding

The rear tail lights and trunk. Leave the hinges on.

Remove all seats and carpeting.

Remove headliner and all side interior panels.

It is up to you to remove dash and components. Welding

may cause damage to interior parts and exterior paint.

Not responsible for any damage!

Rotisserie Refurbished Mustang Factory Ford ! ! ! 1967-1968 Mustangs NO RUST OR DAMANGE! $16,700! Or send your car to us, only $13,200

These are not Dynacorn bodies, however we sell them. Pictured below are coupe to fastback conversions.
Sold worldwide to restoration shops and builders! We also have factory fastbacks at times but are extremely
hard to find and are on a limited availability.







 High quality parts and installation make this fastback the ideal project to finish.
Mustang fastbacks are becoming scarce. The demand for them has increased over the years . They have become one of the most modified classic muscle cars ever produced. You can find a simple restored fastback from the mid $30k's to a fully customized 500+ hp plus for $200K. The fastbacks have become the most popular car of the 60's in the U.S. and other countries like Australia where an average fastback can cost $45,000! This has made the 67-68 fastback scarce and has driven up the price dramatically. Project cars are in high demand and are nearly impossible to find in a condition worth restoring. Dynacorn mustang body shells are available and have helped solve the demand . You can do your research and learn about these. The other choice is the coupe to fastback conversions. There have been several attempts to do this but the cost to build the proper equipment exceeds $50,000 for the jigs to do it properly.
This fastback mustang was built from a coupe and is professionally done. Over 100 fastbacks have been built so far and the demand is increasing. The quality is the best is the business! Once completed there is no way of telling this was once a coupe. The body panels are made by Dynacorn and there are interior panels produced that are welded in the interior for structural support that make the rear portion stronger that factory. These interior parts are not available to the public. There is a support brace from the door jam to the rear inner wheel house and also a support from there up to the inner structure. This is what Ford should on done for better support. See the interior picture and you will understand how this works.  All coupes are stripped, power blasted and ANY rust damaged metal is replaced with a complete new panel.  Then the fastback panels are installed and the entire body inside, outside and underside are painted in a epoxy coating. Now the car is ready for completion the way you would want it. Replacement panels that are normally rust damaged in the 40 year old mustang are aprons, floor and trunk pans, wheel houses, rear tail panel and more are replaced when these conversions are completed. This saves time and money when restoring a car. The inside comes complete with the trap door support and all mounting brackets to install the interior. This is no other coupe to fastback conversion on the market that is as complete as this. In time other companies will try this but the experience and the equipment is what makes this conversion the best on the market. OVER 100 of these fastbacks have been produced.
We can also build the car to your needs. Call us for more info!
Roller assembly is $650 extra.
There is no bondo or lead on the body shell unless you pay extra for this