The car was in another restoration shop for floors and other work and was not done
right.  The car was a mess, We took the car and bolted it to the frame table and cut out
the entire floor from the firewall to the tail light panel. Then lifted the body off.
We built a new floor from the firewall back and set the body on it.
Next we replaced both quarter panels and the tail light panel. We had to
replace one of the outer and inner wheel houses.  Next we repaired all the
front aprons.  Easier said than done but we have done a few of these like this.
We used our super spot welder and so the welds look like factory.
Looks totally original! Another great job done by Desert Classic Mustangs.
Now the customer has it and will put the car back together!

We have more pictures of what was done to the car showing how we did

this but some people will look at the pictures and try to do it themselves.

We don't want to encourage anyone to do this. Its not for the average builder.