In from Iowa a true 1971 Boss Mustang, R code for 351C backed by a 4 speed. The challenge will be to use what is here and make everything perfect like it came off the factory line in 1971. Of course we will fix everything Ford was sloppy with. This car has 44,000 original miles and what has saved it after all these years is someone parked it 40 years ago inside and kept if from the harsh elements. This has been in the family and now Nick from La's Vegas  has it and wants to make it perfect! Stay tuned for more info and pictures as we restore that bad BOSS! Bet you didn't know it but the Boss 351C motor is known to produce more power than the famous BOSS 429!. Eat crap all you big block lovers, This car will handle much better than the heavy lead sled 429!  Desert Classic Mustangs is happy to restore this car as it will stay in the USA. As you can see from jobs we post a lot of the cars we do go over seas. Once that happens they never return!