There where 2 1968 Mustang Fastbacks used in the movie bullet starring Steve McQueen. It's probably the most famous but mysterious movie car ever built and yet nobody has 100% proof of what it looked like other than seen in the movie and photos on the internet. The two cars were purchased as GT cars with 390 motors and a four speed transmission from Ford that were painted Highland Green. All the emblems and the Ford and Mustang lettering was removed. It may have had an instrument panel with the tac and possible all black interior.
The green mirror on the car was round and mounted on the side of the door. In some scenes of the movie the car only had one mirror the rear tail panel was painted what appears to be a flat black including the bezel markers
The lower valance did not have exhaust cutouts nor did it have the reverse taillights. The front grill appears to be a 67 blacked out grill and looks like a black mesh was placed behind the grill.
The black rimmed steering wheel was from a 67 mustang which had the Shelby center horn cap. The car did not have AC but It did have the third seat belt hanging from the B pillar. It look like it had the basic 68 seats and no center console. It looks like it had an antenna stub on the forward section of the right quarter panel.
All the chrome and stainless trim remained the same and American racing D thrust wheels were used. Also the gas cap was blacked out with no emblem on it To this date there are rumors that only one car survived and it is back east somewhere and the person who owns it does not want to sell it or allow people to take pictures of it. People have built their own versions of the Bullitt car based on what they have seen on the Internet and in the movie. We can build the Bullitt special car as described and leave as stock room as possible or upgrade the suspension and other parts of the car if people desire. Price will be based on additional options.

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