Pictures show what can be done. You can choose any design if not all of them for a total body change.
We do not sell individual parts so don't ask. Evey panel is custom built to fit the car. The split bumper design
is from the 60's corvettes along with the side vents behind the front tires. The design can be changed.
The bumpers are built by hand. We have purchased  bumpers before and then altered them but we have
found its better to build them from scratch. Don't try this at home unless you're a metal magician.

We are expensive and we admit it. You want a perfect show car and that's what you will get. If you

pay peanuts you get monkeys. These designs are ours and we have the experience and knowledge to

fabricate something out of nothing. Other shops will quote a cheap price and halfway into the job they

call with their stories. We do what we say and it shows in the final product. If your car is currently in a shop

and  you're having problems with the quality of the work chances are we will not repair other shops failures.


This will depend on what you order and how many times you change your order. We limit how many jobs

we take in so get in line if you want something done.  We will not put other customers jobs aside to do you job.

Everything is done in order and we like to keep organized.


Upfront we will take a deposit to start the job and every week or when work is completed then we will send

an invoice. If you miss a payment then work will stop and you're job will be put in storage with fees are $50 per day. We are strict on this policy. Once we start on a job we stay on it until completed.


If you're serious and want to get started in 30 days then contact us. Our price quotes are only good for 30 days.


We have 2 locations , buy appointment only!!!   If you feel the need to check us out or

you have a job under construction then you can visit the location only after 6pm and only for 1 hour. We can not

afford time to listen to your past cool car stories like the guys at the car show. Car guys can talk forever.

Were serious about work. If we want stories then have your wife call us. Why after hours? This is because the

builders are gone for the day and we are not paying them to listed to your stories!


You job will consist of a contract with every detail of what were doing. This is so you know exactly what your paying for and what your getting. Once a section of your job is done we will send email pictures to show what has been done.