Here is the info about the body we build.
We install a structure kit to help with the weak areas and it helps reduce flex. We also coat the body inside, out and the bottom side with Etch Primer or Epoxy Primer which is better than regular primer if you choose that option. Another advantage is we modify the door hinges so you have more adjustment of the doors.  We also do double welds as seen in the pictures! Extra welds means a stronger build. I offer extra options listed below.
We have a waiting list so I require a $1,000 deposit which holds a spot in the build line.  About 3 weeks before we start I require an additional $5,000 so I can order parts. The last payment is due when we are finished. The finished body is nice quality! We spend the time to make sure the parts line up as best as possible.
The top of the quarter is separate from the bottom and original factory bodies were spot welded  together and then used seal sealer in the gap. Over time the sealer shrinks and cracks and then moisture gets in and then rust starts forming. We have solved this problem so you never have rust issues in the future.  Other builders do not do this so its a great advantage and we do not charge extra!
Also the tail light bucket has the same problem. The factory bodies spot welded  the tail light buckets on and then run seam sealer in the gaps. We spot weld the buckets on but its optional to  fully weld the gaps and then do some bodywork to blend it in. If your interested I can send pictures.
Look over the info and call  with questions.
The pictures  show a body done with flairs, bed liner coating and the 77 gas cap square door. Regardless if you order a body without doors, tail gate , fenders or hood we install the parts to make sure everything lines up and then take off the parts you don’t want. All pictures are sent to you as we build the body.

We modify parts so the doors are more adjustable.
The structure kit we make helps with the rigidity of the tub. Less stress or flex of the body.
We use a frame table, body gigs, laser levels and a Elektron Multispot MI-100control T welder! The welder is state of the art technology required for the assembly. We also do double welds to make the body stronger.
The body gaps are better than factory!
We use etch primer or Epoxy primer which does not absorb moisture like regular primer
We assembly all the body parts to insure everything fits then we take off parts you may not need. We take pictures to prove everything fits!
The body tub comes with a windshield frame, V8 radiator mounting brackets for a small block,  and a roller cart is an option.
No doors, top, hood, fenders, tail gate, dash, or any other parts included. They other parts are listed as options as you may have some parts that you can install to save the money.  The body is welded together but we do not sand down the welds but paint the areas to prevent rust from starting. You finish it your way.

Prices subject to change
Main body tub, $15,500 includes windshield frame
Sand down all welds, some finish work needed. $640
Roller cart, $650  You can sell this when your done with it!
8 Piece structure kit, this helps to make the body stronger, $800
Front wheel tubs for Coyote motors are bolted in, needs modifying , $355
Modify firewall for Coyote electronics  $1550
1969-1977 Grill  installed $770
Hood with bolt kit installed on the body $530
Hood Latch, safety latch and striker post, parts with labor, $264
Fenders R/L , with bolt kit installed $695
R & L 1968-1977 doors, window frames, bolt kit,and hinges installed on the body $1580
1977 Used Fuel door with cutout installed weld in , blend in with body work $775
Drill holes for top in quarter panels and windshield frame for hard top $255
Left rear quarter, rear round hole cut for main gas tank $75 This is stock from 1966-1976
Rear quarters, cut rectangle slots for side marker lights, $185
Front Fenders,cut rectangle slots for side marker lights, $185
Tail Gate Galvanized Steel  ,Mounted with new pivots and support hinges Bare steel. $675
Dash with mounting brackets , steel , stock parts, single din stereo, installed, $589
Optional stainless hinge installed on windshield frame $385  I can explain this to you when we talk.
Sand body and apply etch primer the entire body  $1890
Tail light bucket, seam is fully welded and minor work done $1450
Other options, bed liner, sound deadener and ceramic coatings, electric steps, seam sealer, Roll bar install and all steel tops and more.
Body gaps may need to be adjusted depending on how particular you are. Parts will line up with other Dynacorn body replacement parts and some work will be needed to make the body perfect. Grill to fenders may need body work to make perfect. Some imperfections may be in body parts. Please prefit all parts before paint to ensure there are no defects in sheet metal parts, alignment issues or faulty workmanship on our part. Not responsible for issues once the job leaves our place. Leave all braces in until the body is placed on your frame. Otherwise the body could flex and the doors and other parts may not fit correctly.
No door parts included. No latches or catches. Parts are available.
Other used and new parts available.
We use 3m 8500 seam sealer. Bed liner coating is Raptor. This is done over the epoxy primer  or etch primer paint.
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