NO LONGER AVAILABLE 1968 MUSTANG TO BE CONVERTED TO A RIGHT HAND DRIVE! 26,000 ORIGINAL MILES  wow !   RARE! This is the most original 46 year old Mustang we have ever had! Now were going to convert it. Buy it now and we can build it with power steering, power brakes and a/c  or however you would want it. Basic RHD drive conversion it will be for sale for $48,000 unless you want options listed. Check out the pictures, this car has had 1 repaint, updated stereo, wheels,speakers and  a steering wheel. Won best of show for being most original Mustang. Runs and drives like NEW!!!. Yes drives like it only has 26,000 miles! ! !  I have the original steering wheel and believe to be the original tires and wheels and do not come with the car. Still in great shape!!!  If you want to purchase this car  contact us now to get it! Shipping companies listed on this site for prices.  Contact us at 480-292-5426  We can convert your Mustang or Camaro to right hand drive. Once we start the conversion process this could take as long as 2 months to finish.