This Shelby was sent to us from a dealer and we converted it to a RHD.
Once finished the car was shipped to Norway and chances are will never
be returned to the US. More cars are being shipped overseas and that
leaves the US short on these collectible cars.
The car was stripped of all the interior, engine compartment , doors,
glass and firewall. The next step is to cut out the dash firewall, right
and left apron. We move the windshield wiper holes to the new drivers
side and patched up the original holes. The RHD dash was installed
along with the firewall and new aprons. The brake component's are now
moved to the new drivers side. After all the sheet metal is done then
all of it is painted to look new and original. The engine is detailed.
A right hand drive steering rack is installed along with any new
component's the customer wants. All new wiring from bumper to bumper
is replaced with American Autowire which is the best you can get with
new updated fuse block. No need to put the used 50 year old patched
wiring back in the car. All the interior and engine parts are installed.
The cowl  is panted and the doors, fenders, gill and bumper is put on.
The car is test driven and then taken  for inspection by an independent
3rd party. All pictures and documentation is sent to the customer! This takes
2-3 months to do!  Contact Desert Classic Mustangs for your RHD conversion!

The conversion now looks totally factory!! All new wiring and drives like a

dream. Not bad for a Shelby! WOW. Sad to see her leave

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