1968 Mustang Shelby "TRIPLE  YELLOW"

Same paint as the 2015 Mustang!

Converted to right hand drive, original motor with 27,000 original miles.

Has new Automatic Overdrive transmission.

All new from bumper to bumper!  Has 3 point seat belt harnesses front and rear seats!

Fold down with deluxe interior. New a/c and heat. New dash and stereo. Has

all new wiring from bumper to bumper.  All new suspension and brakes,

Disc up front with rear drums. Underside like new and has all new hardware, brake

lines, transmission lines and sub frame connectors! Looks and drives like new.

Windows fit perfect as does the entire outside of the body!

Custom built and should pass most countries inspection!  Has new Shelby console

and steering wheel. Has safety steering column.

Shocking news!!!! This is a coupe to fastback conversion and is the one listed on the right hand

drive page, It is the green coupe. Totally undetectable it use to be a coupe!